The Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible

If you are not completely satisfied with The Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick
Bible for whatever reason, return it within 90 days
for a full refund of the purchase price.

Online Ordering Instructions

Ordering online is the fastest and easiest way to place your order! You can pay with your credit card using PayPal. I will recieve your payment virtually immediately and be able to fulfil your order right away, and there is no extra charge for this service. In fact, if it's your first time PayPal actually gives you $5.00 for signing up to use their service with your credit card! Think of it as an additional $5.00 savings off the price of your order!

Please follow these steps to place your order online:

STEP 1. Fill in the form below and hit the "submit order now" button,

STEP 2. Click this link (or click the PayPal logo at the bottom of this page) to go to the PayPal web site. You will need to open an account with PayPal (takes 2 minutes & costs nothing), then you will need to use PayPal to send the money for your order to my email address:

STEP 3. (You're in the clear at this point!) PayPal will automatically email me your payment, and I will promptly send you your wonderful, fantastic stuff so you can get busy learning how to yo like a pro!

I am sending payment through PayPal for the following order:

Please send copies of "The Illustrated Pro-Yo Trick Bible , Volume One"
Total cost of books ordered ($11.95 each):
Please send "Special Offer Packages" (Includes book, yo-yo, extra string,
and yo-yo button.
Click here for more details about this incredible offer!)
Total cost of all packages ordered ($14.95 each):
Please send yo-yos (Hyperloop ProYo II)
Total cost of all yo-yos ordered ($6.99 each):
Please send packs of (5) yo-yo strings
Total cost of all string packs ordered ($1.00 each):
Please send "If found, please return me to the State of Yo" buttons
Total cost of all buttons ordered ($1.00 each):
Sub total:
Shipping & Handling* (Please see below)
In the U.S. orders are sent by Priority Mail, 1-3 day delivery:
Total (U.S. Dollars):
Would you like the book autographed by the author? YES NO
If YES, who will the book be for?
Please mail to:

*(Shipping & Handling)
$4.05 is sufficient for orders that end up weighing less than 1 pound. For example, just 1 or 2 books, or just 1 or 2 yo-yos, or 1 book and 1 yo-yo, or a single "Special Offer Package" (and extra string packs or buttons do not add to the shipping cost). But for all other order combinations, as well as for any international orders, please email me for a Shipping & Handling quote.

Attention Retailers: Interested in offering your own customers the 'Bible' of all yo-yo trick books? Email me for wholesale prices and ordering information.


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